Security Awareness Workshop

Lightning talks, seminars, hands-on trainings open to the magic valley until filled. Their will be a series of challenges leading up to the event where students will be able to earn their way into the keynote ‘Malware Analysis Lab’. Students will be exposed to the wide field of computer security.


08:00 - Tin foil hats
08:30 - SELinux - Dave Easterly
10:00 - Software Development - Scott Nichols
10:30 - Web Penetration - Steve Reece
11:00 - Job Interviews - Marcus Downing
11:30 - Kerbal Space Program - Brent Dill
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Lightning talks
14:00 - Life of a Binary - Ian Laird
14:45 - Smash my Stack - Brian McManus
15:15 - Malware Lab - Dan Daggett, Ian Laird, Brian McManus, Brian Gergens
17:20 - Dinner, finish up lab and open play
??:?? - o_0 - Go home

Speaker Bios

Scott Nichols is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in building and designing line of business (LoB) applications for large enterprise organizations. He is currently a Sr. Software Solution Architect for URS Corp. Scott is also heavily involved in the technical community, he is a frequent speaker and the Boise .Net Developer User Group and he is the Leader and Director of Boise Code Camp.

Steve Reece has been a software developer for over 20 years. He has worked in medical billing, credit card processes, security, and enterprise architecture. He is currently a Technical Lead Developer for one of the largest construction firms in the world, responsible for middle tier architecture and security architecture.

Ian Laird is the lead developer for Skytrace Inc. With 10+ years of application development experience and a long history of BIG DATA, his approach to software is a blend of the scientific process and creative artistic expression. Never asking why but always how, success over the impossible and elegance in code is what drives him.

Dave Easterly has worked in technology since the days of compiling Linux 2.0.x kernels from source on Slackware 3.1. He currently works for a major computer and technology company as a technology trainer specializing in Linux and Encryption. He has worked as a Network and Systems Administrator in heterogeneous environments in the transportation and communications industries in addition to years of experience training technicians all over the United States, Canada, and India. He currently holds a Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator certification as well Linux+ and LPIC-1 certifications.

Dan Daggett is experienced in web and systems design. Dan’s interests involve the collecting and sharing of knowledge in a variety of topics. His favorite being computer security and food. He enjoys open dialog with anybody willing to do so (and some that aren’t).


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