TWIN FALLS, ID-On May 4, 2013, the Twin Falls SocialGeeks will hold a computer security competition and security Q&A day at the Twin Falls High School.

Known in the information security industry as a “capture the flag” or “CTF” competition, student participants will compete in a series of computer security challenges designed by the IT professionals and enthusiasts of the Southern Idaho-based SocialGeeks organization. Members of the organization will be on hand to help participants learn their way through the challenges. Detailed information can be found at

The event is open to highschool students in the Southern Idaho area. Security challenges presented will run the gamut from web-based challenges and programming challenges to security-related trivia. Students should contact Jason Torgrimson at TFHS for more information registering for the event.

The event will begin at 9AM on May 4 with lectures from local security experts, who will be lecturing on a variety of security and law-enforcement related topics.

Computers will be made available by the Twin Falls High School for use by the participants. Space will also be available for any participants wishing to bring their own portable computers. Members of SocialGeeks will be available on site to help participants set up on the day of the event.

This event is being sponsored by local business BestNotes, the Southern Idaho Google Technology Users Group and SocialGeeks.

SocialGeeks is a southern Idaho-based organization of industry professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit of technology, interesting projects and education Details about the event, educational resources for security-related materials and contact information can be found on the group’s website,