SocialGeeks Inc. is a student leadership organization focusing connecting community members and industry professions with students working on project and game based learning.

Board of Directors

Dan "viking" Daggett


Experienced in web and systems design, Dan's interests involve the collecting and sharing of knowledge in a variety of topics. His favorite being computer security and food. He enjoys open dialog with anybody willing to do so (and some that aren't).

Brian McManus


Derek "Graphikos" Thomas


Derek has worked with the Internet pretty much since its commercialization with over 15 years of freelance graphic design, web programming and development experience. In his spare time he dabbles with indie game development and electronics.

Get Involved

Join us

Join us at one of our events or contact us so we can get to know you.


Work with college or high school students at one of our upcoming events, we'll train you. Even better, let us do an event based off of one of your passions. You train us and we'll support your event.

Contribute Knowledge

Go to our GitHub Organization and submit pull requests to any of our respositories. We believe in the power of transparency and accumulated group knowledge.

Special Thanks

Sponsors & Organizations

Special thanks to our current and past sponsors.

Geeks, Mentors and Inspiration

Bill Taylor
Brian Gergens
Chika Daggett
Chris "furby" Zuck
Director of Social Media
Choncey Blaylock
Ian Laird
Jason Torgrimson
Jayte Boehler
Jon Winther
Korey Thoele
Noah Heck
Matthew Thompson
Patrick Johnson
Wes Gill
Thanks to anybody that has ever listened to or contributed to the vision and growth of our organization. Contact us and we'll add you to the list.